Before you start

This section describes what you need to check before you start using AirtestIDE.

What platforms can I run AirtestIDE on?

AirtestIDE is a cross-platform IDE that runs on Windows (x64) and macOS. For detailed instruction how to install AirtestIDE, see the instructions for Windows and macOS.

What do I need to do to before connecting the mobile device?

In order to be able to a use mobile device for testing and debugging mobile apps and games, the device needs to be in developer mode and USB debugging settings turned on.

If the used operating system is Windows OS, it might be needed to install corresponding device drivers on the system as well.

Look around

Let’s have a look at the IDE windows layout. On the top, there is a menu bar and shortcut buttons for creating a new project, saving project, run script and check the report output.

The upper left side contains the Poco Window that assists you to work with UI elements of the selected interface and where you can see the selected UI interface in the tree structure form.

The bottom left side contains the Airtest Window that provides commonly used statements for assisting to capture the recording of the Airtest scripts (based on image recognition techniques).

The central area contains the scripting section for developing own scripts in Python using Poco and Airtest APIs. The log output section below displays the corresponding log content while executing the script.

On the right side, there is a mobile phone screen in real-time with support to use mouse events for remote control of the device.


Here is the list of basic AirtestIDE features:

  1. you can adjust the font size with ‘Ctrl+Wheel’ in the Script-Window and Log-Window.
  2. you can search script contents with ‘Ctrl+F’ in the Script-Window.
  3. you can comment code lines with ‘Ctrl+/’.
  4. when switching the engines types, insert-hints prompts appear, click ‘Yes’ to confirm
  5. you can hide/show search-box in the Poco assist window with ‘Ctrl+F’.

To change IDE options, select Options - Settings from drop-down main menu on Windows, or select Preferences on macOS. Settings options allows you to configure following plugins:

Core plugin

  • language - currently English and Chinese are supported
  • appearance - you can switch between default skin or darkshadow skin
  • check for update - you can configure the IDE to check for updates automatically

Device plugin

  • turn on/off to use backup windows embed method

Editor plugins

  • font size - to set the font size for script editor and log window, the default is 14, or you can simply use ‘Ctrl+Wheel’ shortcut

Airtest plugin

  • Custom launcher - you can select, reset, or edit the custom launcher, for more details, refer to Mastering Scripts Recording section
  • Custom Python interpreter path - to setup a path to Python interpreter
  • Delete extra pictures - when checked, extra images that are not part of test scripts will be deleted

Poco plugin

  • Data refresh interval(s) - to set interval when Poco thread attempts to refresh data
  • Hunter group name - Netease internal feature