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Welcome to AirtestIDE user manual!

AirtestIDE is a cross-platform UI test automation Integrated Development Environment (IDE) for games and apps providing a wide range of tools for mobile app developers and testers to write fully automated test scripts in a convenient way and in easy to use environment.

Automation testing using AirtestIDE is based on advantages of two test frameworks using image and UI recognition techniques - Airtest and Poco.

The Airtest is an automation test framework providing cross-platform APIs using image recognition technologies and it is compatible with all Android mobile application and Windows games.

The Poco is a cross-engine UI automation framework providing engine independent powerful APIs that retrieve the UI element hierarchy in app’s runtime. Poco supports mainstream game engines such as Unity3D, Cocos2dx, and native Android apps.

Learn more about these frameworks from project homepage or find them on Github Airtest on GitHub, Poco on Github

New to mobile app and games testing?

Check out the getting started video to see what you will be capable of to do with AirtestIDE or follow the

Ready to bring testing of your app to next level?

Have a look at First steps with AirtestIDE chapter to get an overview of the key concepts and get started with IDE.

For full features overview and complete guide to AirtestIDE including advanced topics as well, have a look at Ultimate guide to AirtTestIDE section.