• Plugin in AirtestIDE which used to record and edit automatic script for Web.

Installation and Setting

First, download and install AirtestIDE in your computer( Official Website ) and Chrome browser. Then set the Chrome local path in IDE’s Options.


Quick start

Example for recording script

Let’s see a example that recording the selenium script on IDE.


After setting the Chrome path. Touch the left button on the first row of selenium window to open the chrome broser with debug mode. Meanwhile the prompt will pop up in the edit box to automatically initialize the code, click yes to initialize the code. Then touch start_web to generate now web address. After this, click the record button (The right button on the first row) to start recording. After recording, click run button to run automatic script and the browser will show the process of script running. After running, click report button and the report will be showed on website.

Selenium Window


These two buttons are used to start the browser and cut out the UI element in inspect mode.

If you are using Firefox instead of Chrome, you will see the commands being inserted in the Script editor, but you will not be able to perform any operations directly in the browser.

start_web: Start a website.

touch: Touch the UI element which was slected.

text: Input the text on the UI element which was slected.

assert_text: Assert exist text on the UI element which was slected.

switch: Switch to other tab. (Param represent the order in which the tabs are opened.)

snapshot: Screenshot the current page.

back: Goes back to the previous URL.

forward: Goes forward to the next URL.