Connecting mobile devices

Mobile devices can be connected either locally using USB cable or remotely by providing device IP address and its port. AirtestIDE supports both methods. In addition, AirtestIDE also supports to connect and operate several devices at once.

Combination of locally and remotely connected devices are supported as well.

When connecting the device to AirtestIDE, make sure that Device Window is selected in Window menu and it is Mobile Phone Connection section is visible on the right side of AirtestIDE GUI layout.

../_images/device_window1.png ../_images/mobile_phone_conn1.png

Connecting device via USB

Following steps describes how to connect the device locally using a USB cable. Before you connect your device, make sure to review Before you start section.

  1. connect the phone to a computer using a USB cable
  2. if you are using Windows OS on your computer, make sure the device driver is installed properly
  3. click Refresh ADB button to display the connected devices in the devices list table
  4. when the device is ready to connect (Adb status is “device”), click Connect button and the content of the device screen will appear

Connecting remote device

Following steps describes how to connect the remote device.

  1. get the information about the remote device - its IP address and port
  2. input adb connect ip:port into remote device field and click Connect button in the remote connection area
  3. the device will appear in the device list table, to connect the device, click Connect button
  4. if the mobile device still does not appear in the device, please review the Solving problem with connecting the mobile devices section below.

Solving problem with connecting the mobile devices

If the mobile device still does not appear in the devices list, try to click Restart ADB and then Refresh ADB again. If the difficulties persist, open the command line and run:

$ adb devices
List of devices attached
FA69J0305903    device
0a33789f        device

If the device is listed when executing command above but it does not appear in the IDE, feel free to contact us and report the problem.

Connecting Windows in Windows OS

AirtestIDE also supports to embed the windows when using Windows operating system. Currently, there are supported two methods - select window by mouse and select the window from given list of available windows.

How do I embed a window using the mouse?

Following steps describes how to embed window into AirtestIDE using the mouse.

  1. click Select Window button to enter the window selection mode
  2. as the mouse moves, there is a green border-box marking the currently selected window
  3. place the green border-box on the target window and click left mouse button to complete the window embedding

Solving troubles with embedding the windows

If you are unable to embed the window, check the Windows embed backup method settings in “Settings” - “Options” - “Device”and then try again.