AirtestIDE is crashing on startup

What are the system requirements to run AirtestIDE?

  • Windows
    • Microsoft Windows 7/8/10 (x64)
    • Python 2.7 (x64)
  • macOS
    • macOS 10.12.1 or higher
    • Python 2.7 or higher

How can I check the cause of AirtestIDE crash?

  1. Start AirtestIDE using the command line:

    • Windows: to open the IDE folder under Windows, hold Shift+right mouse button to open the menu, and select Open Command Window here, then type AirtestIDE.exe to start the IDE
    cd AirtestIDE
    • macOS:
    $ cd /Applications/
    $ ./AirtestIDE
  2. inspect the problem:

    • visit Known AirtestIDE Issues
    • report new issue if not already known and provide the error messages and/or screenshots of AirtestIDE interface errors as follows:
    ../_images/ide_issues_example_cmd.png ../_images/ide_issues_example.png

How do I check the log output?

  • Windows: file path AirtestIDE/Default.log
  • macOS: file path ~/Library/Application\ Support/AirtestIDE/Default.log

Other abnormal crashes and how to solve it

On some Windows systems, the following error message can appear. To solve this, update the graphics card driver, and reinstall DirectX.

../_images/crash_problem.png ../_images/ide_launch_failed.png

On some MacOS systems, the following error message can appear due to the compatibility issues of the graphics card. Contact us to solve the problem.

Illegal Instruction : 4