Airtest referenceΒΆ

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Core Airtest APIs

Core cross-platform Airtest features such as:

  • connecting and managing the devices (wake up and unlock, return to Home screen, etc.)
  • managing the apps (starting, stopping, installing, removing, etc.)
  • simulating the user input (invoking the keyevents and inputting the text, performing touch, swipe or pinch actions)
  • providing basic assertion functions

Android Airtest APIs

Android specific Airtest modules. Some of them inherits the core cross-platform Airtest features:

  • APIs for adb support
  • APIs for android device support
  • specific constants
  • APIs for IME support
  • APIs for javacap
  • APIs for minicap
  • APIs for minitouch
  • APIs for recorder
  • APIs for display rotation
  • APIs for yosemite module

Windows Airtest APIs

Windows client specific Airtest modules such as:

  • APIs for Win screen
  • APIs for Win module

iOS Airtest APIs iOS specific Airtest modules. Please not that iOS support is still under development and iOS devices are not fully supported yet.

  • APIs for iOS
  • APIs for minicap